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Before software can be reusable it first has to be usable.

Ralph Johnson

About Me

I am an information technology specialist providing consultancy to SME businesses in the ecommerce space. I am very business focussed, specialising in collaborating with senior business stakeholders to implement product strategy from a technical perspective and thrive helping them realise their tactical goals with technology. I am advocate for Agile Development practices and I specialise in helping organisations transition to their target architecture through iterative deliverables, all the while generating business value.

I am passionate about software engineering in general, with specific interest in software development processes. I believe strongly about the benefits of Test Driven Development and Continuous Integration and how they improve the quality and maintainability of applications, as well as providing assurance when large-scale changes are required.

I see software engineering as a job of communication. Be that understanding the aims and requirements of the project to make sure the end product meets these goals, working with other engineers to flesh out and design the system we are building, or just writing code in a clear and readable manner so my colleagues and indeed myself weeks later can make total sense of the intention and functionality. To that end I feel I have excellent communication skills and have no difficulty explaining myself to either technical or non-technical individuals.

I also understand that time management is of the utmost importance, and I am used to working under pressure to meet deadlines. I enjoy working as part of a team, but I am also equally at ease working on my own. I personally feel that I bring energy and hard work to any job I am asked to perform, and I have a keen eye for detail.