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ColdFusion 7 is awesome

Ben Forta came to London on Tuesday to do a seminar about CFMX7 (Blackstone). Some of you may have had a chance to play with it, but for those who haven't I shall outline a few things.

Firstly, they have really juiced up cfchart, so they look much more professional. You can now also output your data to print as a PDF or FlashPaper 2.0 on the fly which is very impressive.

However, the real power that has arrived with ColdFusion 7 is the upgrading of cfform. Macromedia have added a small amount of the Flex engine to CFMX7 and now we can generate flash forms on the fly with cfml tags. When I get my hosting upgraded to CFMX7 I shall be showing you some examples.

By Simon Baynes